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Cannabis is one of the oldest medicinal plants. However, its pharmacological studies and its implementation in therapeutics are relatively recent.

With the purpose of informing and fostering discussion on the therapeutic use of cannabis in Portugal and Europe, LisbonPH has developed the international event "Medicinal Cannabis Conference: Therapeutic Uses"!

The conference, in English, will be held online in the afternoons of 20 and 21 October, on the new platform "CollectiVibe", which provides the experience of a face-to-face event at a distance!

This course serves as the ticket needed to attend the event. After the payment, the platform access credentials will be sent by e-mail!

The Thinkific platform only accepts payments made with a credit card. If you can only make the payment with a debit card, you may purchase the ticket by filling the form below, and inserting the proof of payment as an attachment.

Registration Form - Medicinal Cannabis Conference: Therapeutic Uses

For more information, please visit our website here, and in case of any difficulty, please contact us through LisbonPH’s social media or by e-mail to [email protected]

LisbonPH will answer as soon as possible to solve any difficulty you may encounter!